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Madeleine L'Engle

Although I often I dismiss the large, public obituaries as odd and morbid, I found myself tearing up this afternoon when the NY Times reported that Madeleine L'Engle had died.

My mother was a children's librarian, and I think we read the first of these books together. My love of the fantastic is completely a result of having read L'Engle's children's books. Many of my perceptions of what it meant to be a girl are based on Meg, Meg's mother, and Polly. I couldn't be the person I am without having read these books.

I can't re-read them with the same sense of urgency as I did growing up, but I still love them fiercely. Will my kids feel the same way about them? It is doubtful, but I hope that as my angsty, smart and entirely love-able girls grow up, they will be able to find someone with as much tenderness to envision strong, smart women who have power in the world, in ways that cannot be described in corporate by-laws.

Why I don't write more often

I just realized that I haven't checked my lj in a million years. Reading through all these ancient posts I've missed makes me full of angst over too little time to participate.

To say that my life is busy is just repeating the obvious. I need to be better organized with all the internet stuff I want to be up on. With work and home and general improvement all taking their own time, I feel like I could be making technology work for me better. Don't tell Slortar. He already has submitted me to the first three steps of "Luddite Wife to High-tech Sweetie in Ten Easy Steps." Needless to say, we are not on speaking terms about the Outlook synch-ing and smart phone with e-mail, and how often I need to synch, check, charge, and synch again.

We mostly talk about comic books, right now. I mean, I talk about comics, and he looks at me like I've just crawled out from under a strange and unusual rock. I've been checking out (ha ha, literally) the graphic novel collections of all the libraries I frequent. (Since I am a substitute librarian covering 32 libraries, this is more than you might think.)

I have had to do some serious librarian work to track down all the girl-centered, 5-8 year old appropriate books, as well anything that I want to read. 'Cause guess who things that comics are for kids? (Yeah, good guess. My kids.) If I want to read all the Bill Willingham "Fables" then I have to bring home "Oddly Normal" (Otis Frampton) so that I am not a horrible Mom, only bringing home books for myself. There is too broad a range of violence in most teen-rated comics, so they have to stick with the juvies. Batgirl Year One (Scott Beatty) was an excellent exception, if a little violent, but all the Catwoman series were too much for little brains to process without serious mom intervention. I'm not bringing those home anymore. "Girl Genius" (Bill and Kaja Foglio) is something I love,and I am OK with Juno reading right now, although we are still waiting for our personal copies, the libraries having not yet processed my eloquent requests for volumes 3-6 of the series.

The fact that I just spouted all of that about comics makes me thing that I could really use an outlet for my reading habit. I should join some kind of graphic novel reading group.

I promise to be a good geekmomma and keep posting, if for no other reason that I feel like I have to follow through on my account. I have no idea how to delete it.

I'm off to prepare for the first day of school by taking my kids to a movie.


I took a Rocky Horror quiz, and I am the narrator.

I trust you remember my ill-fated match up with the "Harry Potter" quiz, hmm?


for the funny

I am discovering a new addiction to web comics. Probably this is funded greatly by my short attention span, and the teetering piles of things I don't want to do, but Cat and Girl just rocks my socks most days. Today was excellent, so I'm sharing:

Also, still very much digging the Scary Go Round--always weird, always well dressed, always so pleasantly cliff-hangery:

The best thing about these things is that they are readable in the amount of time available to me, that is, between taking home the bacon, frying it up in a pan, and never letting you forget you're a man.

That's all folks. Have you noticed the snow?



One of the best things in the world is a good sandwich. And I can't think of anyone who would go to more lengths to prove this than my friend Chewbecca. I just found out that she is documenting her culinary prowess in a blog about sandwiches. What, I ask you, could be better? Just, nothing!

Sandwiches I have loved:


Job Change Imminent You can’t make me sit here and sell my soul one little piece each day. You can’t tell me I’ve got to get up, smile at people I don’t respect all day long, and give me nothing but a paycheck. You won’t be the one to sign away my time, blunt my patience down to nothing, make me holler at my babies when all they want is love. You’re not anyone to shove me around and make me do what I don’t want to. I do that fine all by myself.


crabbiest momma ever

That would be me. Unable to hold temper either during unexpected workday lunch with spouse, or home with tired children at end of day. With spouse and tired children combined, the capacity for crabbiness increases exponentially directly in proportion to the amount of whining.

There was so much whining tonight, I think that I may have reached a new level of crabby. I think I was responsible for a health dose of it myself. It would be nice to say that we all sleep and it gets better in the morning. Let us say that, and not think too much on it anymore this evening.

I think this time of year there should be mandatory fun. How does one arrange that?


Dec. 2nd, 2006

Laid out by Merlot

You're just laying it out there.
I come home from another preschool meeting,
you've consumed the wine I bought last week for $7.99 at Costco
after putting the kids to sleep,
believing yourself to be making a statement,
drinking alone.

You ask what kind of honesty I want from you,
I tell you that I think we should be just honest, not any kind at all.
You say -never mind- in the way that guarantees I won't leave you alone until
you've told me what you want to tell me anyway.

I badger you into a disclosure of sorts.
Of course I still think you love your past loves!
I admit, it is disturbing to think that they may be approaching you for
some kind of salvation at this point in our lives.

Maybe I'm just jaded,
but you both seem a bit tarnished.
What kind of redemption comes from trysting out of aging insecurity?

Later, as we lie next to each other in the dark night
I am disturbed by how seriously you take it,
how frivolous my secret daydreams of past loves,
colleagues and friends seem to me.
I'm hurt that you think you only love me because I'm practical,
that you say you can never love me like you loved her.

good grief

Hmm. No posting must mean I am busy. I actually have no memory for the past three months...Either life has been hectic, or I am the victim of alien abduction.

Sick but stable Mom-in-law
nice by crazy Pop-in-law
new daycare
new-old dog (she doesn't smell as bad, now that she's taking her pills.)
two kids in school, one at the new daycare
piano lessons
birthday parties
grocery shopping
husband in school (sometimes a gun nut)
more hours at work to pay for daycare
new substitute librarian job on the side (for which I've been training since July. I'll finish up on the 18th of october, and then I can start working. something is desperately wrong with this. I am either extremely valued, or extremely untrustworthy.)
law needs mowed
fruit flies have invaded the kitchen
I'm tired and irritable and loathe perky women who can walk their kids home from the bus every day.

I've read every bad Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter story available on e-books. There is something desperately wrong with me!


The kids and I spent a lovely hour at 10pm with the locals at the Hunter's Inn on 65 last night. They were friendly and rambunctious after a fabulous horse-shoe tournament. Surprisingly, I'm not joking. The kids got free Shirley Temples, snacks and Rhea won a teddy bear from one of those Claw things...I've been trying to win ANYTHING from one of those for the last 34 years. I got to use the phone for free, and they told me I could leave my van in the parking lot overnight for free!

Anyway, next time your transmission goes out after a late night trip to the in-laws while your husband is at class, I recommend the Hunters Inn.

On a completely separate note, we have semi-adopted Chrissy, my mom-in-law's smelly doggy. I took her to the vet yesterday: double ear infection, bladder infection and bladder stones. No wonder she was a crabby little doggy. She's already getting better, but now I have committed myself to cleaning her ears every other day.